About Kyle

I was born and raised in Salem Oregon. After graduating from high-school, I had a quick stint in southern California before deciding to move east and continue my education at La Salle University where I enrolled in the Digital Art and Multimedia Design (Dart) program. In 2012, I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts and Science and began working for a design and development agency called Brolik (brä lik) in center city Philadelphia.

If I'm not at my computer, I can be found in the mountains with my wife on a hike during the summers, or heading down the slopes with my feet strapped to a snowboard; and on some rare, but no less enjoyable times, under the hood of a car.

Work Experience


Senior Web Developer
Jan 2012 - Present

I started out at Brolik as an intern where my primary job was to create responsive web pages from a photoshop template using HTML and CSS. In the early days, we used Dreamweaver, jQuery, and vanilla CSS with the only version control being the built in file overwrite protection Dreamweaver offered (yuck).

Later, as the team size grew from 3, to 6 it became apparent that the current system would no longer cut it. Sometime in my first year at the company, I introduced the team to Git, and Sass to upgrade our tools to allow for more seamless development as a group.

As the years went on, I continued to introduce more tools and languages to the development team, including AngularJS, Sketch (along with a designer Jerry), Atomic Design (again with Jerry), and several team initiative to increase personal development.

I've mentored several employees from junior level developers straight out of college, to designers looking to broaden their skill set. I've found that teaching can be extremely rewarding. It not only helps clear up my time, but makes the team as a whole more effective.

After the Companies first CTO left, I my role shifted a bit from a high level developer, to more of a manager. I've spent time doing code review, and project management to make sure that a site stays on schedule, and with the high standards our clients deserve. While managing a team isn't my ideal job, I never shied away from the roles and responsibilities needed of me.

  • Responsive Design - Coded websites to work on a range of browsers, devices, and operating systems.
  • Website SEO and Schema Design - Optimized websites for search engines, including meta tag data, schema markup, and performance.
  • Application Development - Organized and developed small to mid sized single page applications with AngularJS. Worked with internal and external teams to develop the Application and APIs
  • Developed and integrated with APIs - Built semi-restful apis for applications, as well as integration with 3rd party Rest and Soap APIs.
  • Project Management - Managed teams ranging from two to six members.

Worked with and managed small teams of designers and developers on over 20 projects to create responsive information websites and web applications using a variety of languages and frameworks including: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Sass, and AngularJS. Developed and built deployment systems to improve collaboration and developer accountability. Mentored co-workers and direct reports in new skills, languages, and development techniques.


La Salle University

Bachelors of Arts and Science
Aug 2008 - May 2012

1-3 Years Experience

  • Ruby on Rails
  • AngularJS / Ng2
  • Seo Focused Development
  • Build Systems (Gulp, NPM, Bower)
  • Sever Management( AWS, Digital Ocean)

5+ Years Experience

  • Javascript (jQuery, Vanilla)
  • Responsive Design
  • CSS Pre-processors (Sass, Scss, Compass)
  • CMS Development (Wordpress, Craftcms, etc)
  • CSS Frameworks
  • Version Control (Git)

10+ Years Experience

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP